In this video I demonstrate how I cast platinum with a Torit Casting Machine.

As I state in the video, I’m running about 75lbs of hydrogen and about 50lbs of oxygen to get the volume I need.

For my lost wax casting, I use Doc’s investment. I pull my invested mold out of the kiln at 1000 degrees F. This is after an 8 hour burn out reaching 1350 degrees F.

My crucibles are from American Jewelry Supply ( The current crucible I’m using already has over 30 throws on it and is still doing fine.

Please note: I have proper ventilation and eye protection. I have a window & a door open plus a ventilation fan running (you can hear it in the video). I’ve attached a plate I purchased from a welding supply house to an Optivisor for eye protection. I use fire & heat resistant gloves to handle my mold. Using these, I can hold the mold for a short amount of time.

You’ll see an edit a few seconds into me working with the torch. I underestimated the loudness of the torch. You couldn’t hear me talking over it, so I edited out the small bit with me talking.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

DISCLAIMER: I know there will be those of you out there that will have problems with my set up for casting platinum and that’s fine. This is what works for me and the space I have available in my shop. I’ve been casting platinum for three decades and have never lit anything on fire because I have a healthy respect for the torch. That being said, even I can have an off moment (Ex: See the crack in my window…I wasn’t paying attention to the heat rising & it cracked the glass a while back) so, please, safety first when casting!